Why Cleanique?
Cleanique is your preferred specialist for cleaning bags, shoes and jackets, refreshing their looks and colours, at the same time eliminating them from the bacteria and odours in the process to stay you in a good health.

As not all leathers are created equal and we have dealt with just about every type. You can trust that you will be getting the finest leather care around.
Therefore, there is no need to throw away your branded bags, shoes and jackets just because they have aged, been dirtied, stained, scathes, fade, wear and tear ; simply get them cleaned, dyed, repaired and restored back to just as good as new!

Cleanique cares about your external appearance, personal hygiene, and also environmental issue. The leather care and cleaning detergent we use are non-toxic and biodegradable. They have been dermatologically tested and certify to be safe for use by D. Eichelberg from Germany. Let us stay fashionable, environmental friendly and adopt a healthy lifestyle together!

Why wash bags and shoes?
Cities in South East Asia are among the most humid. As humid weather contributes greatly to fungus formation, bags and shoes need regular cleaning and polishing. According to survey, our feet contain over 200,000 sweat glands that secrete sweat daily; causing moisture build-up in the shoes that made you feet smelly as bacteria has been germinated and grew in the shoes
over times.

Likewise, fungi formations in bags are due to dirt accumulation through constant usage. Over time, this will lead to the growth of bacteria and fungi. Leather products get mouldy easily and breeds bacteria harmful to your health. Therefore, sterilizing and cleaning your bags are essential to protect you and your family from harmful micro-organisms. With proper care and
cleaning of your bags and shoes, you may prolong the life of your precious item in using them and keeps you healthy from harmful bacteria.